Extension Texas 4-H Urban Outreach: Dallas

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Texas 4-H urban outreach initiatives across Dallas.

4-H Urban Outreach Dallas Programs

Our urban outreach initiatives aim to bring the Texas 4-H experience to under served youth across the region, helping them to learn leadership, wellness, and life skills for resilience building. 

Tech Wizards
This engaging program encourages under-served youth to become more invested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related fields by working with a mentor who is specifically assigned to four or fewer youth. Participants meet with mentors in a 4-H club setting once per week for one calendar year. Parent involvement, field trips and service projects are part of the program. Two sites near the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas now mentor 75 area children: Plummer Elementary School, and Tom Landry Elementary School.

Military Partnership
Innovative 4-H programming through this partnership initiative is extended to children of active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel along with those of Reserve and National Guardsman. Currently, more than 900 youth participants learn leadership skills while participating in service learning and career preparation. They develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills through challenging STEM activities. Further education in fitness, stress management, food science, and bullying prevention help youngsters to improve their self-esteem, stress management, healthy diet, and exercise (childhood obesity prevention.)

Air Force Partnership
The Air Force Partnership works with the youth of Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve across the nation to provide a 4-H experience aimed at boosting resiliency among these youth.
Leadership camps offered through the program build capacity in youngsters to be productive members of their communities.

For example, the Air Force Teen Council as part of their 4-H activities, advise Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve leaders on needs and solutions for youth, helping 4-H teens to build leadership skills to take back to their communities while strengthening ties among Air Force youngsters.


Students at Tom Landry Elementary School of Irving, Texas learn computer coding as part of their local 4-H Urban Outreach curriculum.


4-H youth and their mentor engage in a robotics program as part of an overarching push toward STEM education

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