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The Texas A&M AgriLife Center at Dallas, 17360 Coit Rd., houses scientific research, public outreach, and education programs. Everything we do aims to advance "green" innovation in urban agriculture and forestry, water and land resource management, and healthy living for all Texans.

The center is a regional hub for all Texas A&M AgriLife activities. We are one of 13 AgriLife Centers across the state, each focusing on issues specific to our regions.  

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The Center: Past, present, future

This brief video history reviews the beginnings and direction of the Texas A&M AgriLife Center at Dallas.  


Urban Agriculture and Forestry

As rapid urbanization continues across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, a key component of all activity at the Texas A&M AgriLife Center at Dallas is to implement research, outreach and the latest technologies to produce increasingly nutritious food within cities. At the same time, we work to achieve widespread use of local ornamental plants, and conservation of urban and suburban tree systems for healthy, sustainable development.

Water education building Dallas

Water and Land Resource Management

The Dallas center’s urban research and extension focus addresses associated demands to protect precious water and land resources. The center’s programs work to understand the mechanisms underlying environmental health and to implement new interventions for improved ecosystems benefiting urban and rural communities.

tomatoes on vine

Healthy Living

As new understandings emerge about producing more nutritious foods and building healthier environments, the AgriLife center at Dallas works to disseminate scientific solutions, applicable to all Texans, for increased public health. We aim to understand the means of building communities around healthy living, and about increasingly effective, wide delivery of the latest information for a healthier Texas.

Looking Forward

Our initiatives at the nexus of these disciplines follow an emerging theme within Texas A&M AgriLife — healthier Texans through precision agriculture, better nutrition and education.

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