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Cities face a slew of environmental and ecological problems as urban populations spike across the globe. Addressing water quantity and quality issues the “usual way” has resulted in severe impairment of water bodies and other ecological disturbances: increased waste, increased need for energy, increased need for land for food, increased CO2 production, disruption to wildlife corridors. Our ecological engineering program provides solutions that mimic natural systems to address these issues and reduce the impact of urbanization on nature.

The scope of the program is to research and educate ecological applications to solve engineering problems related to water resources. We focus on assessing the quality and efficiency of green infrastructure for stormwater management, urban water conservation, natural stream restoration, rainwater harvesting, and alternative water sources such as graywater and A/C condensate.

The goal of the program is to provide research based assessment of various ecological engineering practices through field experimentation and modeling. We aim to disseminate sound design, construction, and maintenance information about these practices through workshops and cooperative collaboration with engineers, landscape architects, planners, the general public, and municipal entities. The wide adoption of these practices in Texas cities and beyond is the ultimate aim of this program.

Program Areas

Stormwater Management 

Stream Restoration

Water Conservation


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