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Contact Dr. Mike Merchant at michael.merchant@ag.TAMU.edu for information about The Dallas Center's Urban Entomology program.

Public information about pests and pesticides
A major function of the urban entomology program is responding to requests for assistance and information on insect pests from the public. Responses include providing insect identifications and maintaining the popular Insects in the City website on urban pests. We also provide scheduled presentations alongside our educational programming through Master volunteer programs, which includes annual Master Volunteer Entomology Specialist Training.

Managing arthropod pests affecting human health
Our interactive Mosquito Safari website (under construction as of 3-20-17) remains one of our most effective tools for learning about mosquitoes and mosquito borne disease. We also Develop training and awareness programs on mosquitoes and mosquito control, as well as Zika.

Check out our 2016 publications, revised website, and resource packet for agents

Pesticide applicator training program
Texas licenses more than 15,000 urban pesticide applicators in structural pest control, and regulates more than 3,000 structural pest control-related businesses. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension remains the single largest provider of continuing education units for pesticide applicators in the state, including a robust offering of training courses at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas.

Urban Entomology program leader Dr. Merchant maintains a blog on topics of interest to the pest control industry at and invites anyone with an interest in pest control to subscribe.

Spring and Fall Pest Management seminars, offered each year in November and February-March, provide local pesticide applicators with the best, up-to-date information on pesticides and pest management.

The new IPM Experience House provides hands-on training opportunities for pest management professionals through real world activities and practices. Training classes of 15-20 persons are scheduled throughout the year covering a range of pest control subjects. To see a listing of upcoming courses, visit http://ipmhouse.tamu.edu/classes/


Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs are one of the fastest growing pest problems in the U.S. affecting homes, hotels, apartments, businesses and shelters. Our research on traps and lures has revealed more effective techniques for shelters to monitor problems among society's most vulnerable population, the homeless. We continue to provide training to homeless shelters and multifamily housing providers on IPM for bed bugs. To date, the program has trained 174 shelter managers, 25 day care professionals, and 300 pest management professionals trained.

Landscape Insect Pests 
Ongoing insecticide evaluations continue to provide authoritative information on the most effective controls for the crape myrtle bark scale, a new pest of crape myrtle discovered by the Dallas team in 2015. Our team's findings and control practices continue to be used by states across the South.


Dr. Mike Merchant leads a group of pest control professionals through insect identification training at the IPM Experience House on campus at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center of Dallas.

Useful Links

Insects in the City - a wealth of information on identifying and managing insects.

Master Volunteer Entomology Specialist Training Information - a resource for information on training including a full listing of schedules.

Mosquito Safari Website - a site built to teach visitors about mosquitoes and mosquito control methods.

Dr. Merchant's pest control blog - a blog specifically for industry professionals that welcomes other enthusiasts 

IPM Experience house website - a website offering an event schedule and overviews of the premier facility for training Pest Management Professionals.  


Dallas Urban Entomology Team

Dr. Mike Merchant

Dr. Mike Merchant portrait

Professor and Extension Urban Entomologist
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Jonathan Garcia


Extension Demonstration Technician
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

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