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The Dallas Center's Water University program conducts advanced education and consultation programs on water quality, water use efficiency and watershed planning. The group provides partnership opportunities to local governments, state and federal agencies, and corporations to address overarching water quantity and quality issues. Water University is also charged with developing innovative public outreach to affect mass behavior change toward conserving and protecting precious water resources. The program is recognized as a regional and statewide resource for water utilities, municipalities and for private residents across Texas.

Development and Education

Water University reaches more than 500,000 individuals and organizations through private consultation and public courses on water protection and conservation per year. The team leads construction of roughly 5,000 rain harvesting barrels per year through classes offered at The Dallas Center and in partnering municipalities. Rain barrels constructed in North Texas by Water University are estimated to collect roughly 7.6 million gallons of water annually, eliminating about 7,000 pounds of non-point source pollution. Program members serve numerous government and private boards including the Texas Water Development Board Water Conservation Advisory Council, the Fort Worth Water Department Water Conservation Advisory Council, and the sustainability committees for Frito Lay and DFW Airport. Water University efforts are recognized with numerous state and national awards from entities, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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The WaterSense labeled home on campus at The Dallas Center -- a joint project in water-use efficiency by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Water University. Find more at

Water University Team

Clint Wolfe

Clint Wolfe portrait

Principal Investigator, Program Manager
Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Dr. Dotty Woodson


Extension Program Specialist I
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Patrick Dickinson

Patrick Dickinson portrait

Program Coordinator III
Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Daniel Cunningham

Daniel Cunningham portrait

Project Manager I
Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Tamaron Hunt

Tamron Hunt portrait

Program Coordinator I
Texas A&M AgriLife Research

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