The Dallas Center Mission

House agricultural and ecological research to develop sustainable solutions for urban living. Disseminate scientific solutions through extension programming.

Select Research and Extension Programs

Water University


Educating citizens and organizations about water conservation across Texas through public outreach and extensive education material offerings

Plant Immunity Research


Working toward more resilient plant life by exploring how plants react to “biotic” factors like bacteria, insect pests, parasites, and many others

Turfgrass Breeding


Breeding resilient turfgrass varieties for sustainable urban living across Texas and the U.S.

Genome Research


Applying genomics and molecular genetics to improve resiliency in plants

Urban Ecological Engineering


Seeking solutions that mimic natural systems to reduce the impact of urbanization on nature

School IPM


Delivering the best practices in low-environmental-impact pest control to Texas schools

Urban Entomology


Understanding urban insect pests, developing sustainable control measures, educating industry professionals

4-H Urban Outreach


Bringing the 4-H experience to under-served urban regions in North Texas, with focus on STEM learning

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