Facility descriptions and an interactive image gallery that showcases the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas

Urban Agriculture and Forestry Building

Our low-carbon-footprint headquarters building in Dallas anchors our campus and houses most of our staff. The rooftop research greenhouse includes the latest temperature control software and advanced light technology. Expansive laboratories in the three-story building deliver the latest equipment and safety standards for our research initiatives. Meanwhile, open office areas, comprising most of the building, include space for about 100 Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service professionals.

A modern three-story building at dusk

Inside, the building uses high-efficiency water and electrical fixtures, and resource-conserving architecture. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to illuminate modern interiors. The center’s offices and six conference rooms offer the latest networking and information technology. Outside, the facility’s 30,000 gallon showcase rain harvesting cistern helps to irrigate demonstration landscapes across campus. An additional 40,000 gallon cistern harvests rainwater underground.


Modern laboratories in the headquarters building offer natural light and unobstructed views of neighboring work spaces.

Work Spaces

Open-concept work areas at the Dallas center offer plenty of natural light, modern interiors and seamless transitions into their adjacent conferencing areas and laboratories.  

Rooftop Greenhouses

Rooftop research greenhouses at Dallas include advanced temperature control software and the latest lighting technology for plant research.

Conference Spaces

The Dallas center’s conference spaces feature the latest digital communication and presentation technologies. Regionally inspired murals adorn the walls of the first floor conference room — one of six inside the Urban Agriculture and Forestry building.

Water and Land Resources Building

The Water and Land Resources Building and Benny J. Simpson Ecopark (above) are located on the northern end of campus at the Texas A&M AgriLife Center at Dallas. The facility houses the center’s comprehensive public education offerings. It serves as a meeting space for regional gatherings on a range of agricultural and ecological topics. About 300 patrons can inhabit the open hall as they attend free public courses and special events throughout the year. 

Turfgrass Research Field Plots

The research field plots at Dallas serve as a testing grounds for new cultivars of increasingly water- and resource-efficient turfgrasses. Applications for turfgrasses bred here include a number of green industries.

Turfgrass Research Shade Structure

Turfgrass researchers at Dallas use structures like this one to test the shade tolerances of hundreds of turfgrass cultivars. Their viability in an array of conditions will determine whether these specimens make it into the consumer market.

Four Pillars of Research and Extension at Dallas

Urban Agriculture and Forestry

Water and Land Resource Management

Healthy Living

Turfgrass breeding and urban landscapes