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Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Marketing and Business
Management program offerings

Blake Bennett, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Office: 972.231.5362

Selected Agricultural Marketing and Business
Management program offerings

Tomorrow’s Top Agricultural Program (TTAP)

This management development program trains producers on the business skills necessary for building successful businesses that will survive and prosper in current and future economic environments. Its primary reach includes North Texas Commercial agriculture producers and urban/ part-time producers.  TTAP is known to improve return on assets by an average of 16.89%, debt to asset ratio by 5.53%, net worth by 13.71%, and net farm income by 3.17%.

TAAP focuses specifically on:

  • Improved overall business management abilities
  • Communication between operation participants
  • Understanding of marketing of agricultural commodities
  • Understanding of their financial position
  • Understanding of legal and liability issues
  • Relationship with lenders
  • Exit strategies

Multi-Day Marketing Series

Participant agricultural producers in this series learn to protect against adverse price movements of the agricultural commodities they sell or purchase. We train producers over several days to create enterprise budgets for their operations; to hede price risks using various marketing tools; and to project price movements through fundamental and technical analysis.

We also create and direct marketing clubs for North Texas agricultural producers, spurring continued experience with basic and advanced tools for protecting against adverse price movements. Crop and livestock producers through the multi-day marketing series initiative experience an average gain of about $2,700 and $4,300 per operation, respectively.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Budget Generator, in collaboration with Entomology and Agriculture and Environmental Safety faculty members

The IPM Budget Generator is tool to assists school districts in managing their costs of pest control effectively and efficiently. The application pinpoints inefficiencies in school IPM programs and has saved more than 600 Texas school districts about $2,700 per year each.