Urban Water Research and Extension

Addressing challenges of urban water security and stormwater management for North Texas and beyond

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AgriLife Research and Extension Initiatives in Urban Water Management

The Texas Water Resources Institute’s Urban Water program is a Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Service initiative centered around urban water management.

Areas of focus for urban water impacts

Based in Dallas, our team works to address the challenges of urban water security and stormwater management for North Texas and beyond. We focus our research and education on:

  • “Blue-green infrastructure” and nature-based solutions
  • Citizen science
  • Environmental education
  • Water conservation
  • Long-term urban hydrology

Stakeholder Engagement to Advance Urban Water Initiatives

Our team identifies and creates opportunities to engage diverse stakeholders in meetings and workshops at the Texas A&M AgriLife Center in Dallas, in communities across the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, and in urban centers across Texas. Collaboration with local stakeholders in urban water systems is critical to co-creating responsive and impactful research and extension programs for urban water solutions that will advance economic and environmental sustainability across the state. This adaptive approach employs stakeholder-driven strategies to better identify how our researchers and extension personnel can support the community and ensure a sustainable urban water future.
The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex provides a critical place to examine the epic challenge of urban water systems in a fast-growing metropolitan area under dynamic water-climate conditions. Therefore, our efforts are strategically aligned with regional needs while engaging larger scientific communities across the globe, working at the forefront of urban water sustainability.

Faculty and Staff

Bardia Heidari, Ph.D

Research Scientist, Texas Water Resources Institute


Dean Minchillo

Program Specialist IV, Texas Water Resources Institute


Samantha Murray

Geospatial Analyst, Texas Water Resources Institute

Kelly Hibbeler Albus, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Texas Water Resources Institute


Emily Monroe

Project Specialist, Texas Water Resources Institute