Chisholm Zoysiagrass

This zoysiagrass is superbly cold hardy compared with other transition zone adapted varieties. It features rapid recovery rates following damage, high shoot density, and low seedhead numbers.

Agronomic Merits

  1. Medium Coarse Textured
  2. Comparable Cold Hardiness to those varieties Adapted to the transition zone
  3. Superior Turf Quality relative to other Zoysia japonica adapted to the transition zone
  4. Rapid Rate of Establishment
  5. Rapid Recovery Rate Following Damage
  6. Good Shade Tolerance
  7. Good Fall Color Retention
  8. High Shoot Density
  9. Low Seedhead Number
  10. Good Resistance to Bluegrass Billbug
  11. Excellent Resistance to Zoysiagrass Mite
  12. Good Resistance to Dollar Spot
  13. Good Resistance to Take-All Patch
  14. Mowing Height: 3.5 – 5.0 cm

Utility of Chisholm

  1. Recreational Areas/Sports Fields with low light conditions, shaded tee boxes on golf courses, buffer surrounds for bentgrass greens, adapted to the northern edge of the transition zone.
  2. Home Lawns
  3. Industrial Parks

Agronomic Limitations

  1. Susceptible to Large Patch