Zorro Zoysiagrass

Zorro Zoysiagrass is a strong variety for rust resistance, large patch tolerance and good color retention in the fall. 

Agronomic Merits:

  1. Finer-textured
  2. Excellent Shade Tolerance
  3. Excellent Resistance to Billbug
  4. Excellent Resistance to Zoysiagrass Mite
  5. Fall Armyworm Resistance
  6. Good Fall Color Retention
  7. Large Patch Tolerance
  8. Yellow Patch Tolerance
  9. Rust Resistance
  10. Early Spring Green Up
  11. Good Genetic Color
  12. High Shoot Density
  13. Moderate Resistance to Tawny Mole Cricket

Agronomic Utility:

  1. Recreational areas in the Coastal Regions of the Southern United States in sunny or shaded areas where Rust, Yellow Patch, Large Patch, Zoysiagrass Mites and Billbugs are a problem.
  2. Home Lawns
  3. Parks
  4. Golf Course Fairways
  5. Tee Boxes
  6. Sports Fields

Agronomic Limitations:

  1. Susceptible to Dollar Spot