Cavalier Zoysiagrass

cavalier zoysiagrass up close

Cavalier is a finer-textured zoysiagrass that is cold hardy, salt tolerant and resistant to tropical sod web worm, fall army worm, and the tawny mole cricket.

Agronomic Merits

  1. Finer-textured
  2. Cold Hardy
  3. Shade Tolerant
  4. Salt Tolerant
  5. Insect Resistant
  • Tropical Sod Web Worm
  • Fall Armyworm
  • Tawny Mole Cricket
  1. Disease Tolerant
  • Pythium Blight
  • Rhizoctonia Blight
  1. High Visual Quality
  2. Spreads by Stolons
  3. Good Genetic Color

 Agronomic Utility

  1. Home Lawns
  2. Golf Course Fairways
  3. Tee Boxes
  4. Parks
  5. Sports Fields
  6. Recreational Areas

 Agronomic Limitations

Susceptible to Zoysiagrass Mite