Diamond Zoysiagrass

Diamond Zoysiagrass close up

Diamond Zoysiagrass is a very fine-texture variety that is tolerant to a range of pests and conditions in addition to greening up early in spring compared with other zoysia varieties.

Agronomic Merits

  1. Very fine textured
  2. Excellent Salt Tolerance
  3. Excellent Shade Tolerance
  4. Excellent Sod Strength
  5. Low Water Use Requirements
  6. Early Spring Greenup
  7. Good Genetic Color
  8. Tawny Mole Cricket Resistance
  9. Excellent Fall Color Retention
  1. High Shoot Density
  2. Rhizoctonia Blight Tolerance
  3. Fall Armyworm Tolerance

Agronomic Utility

  1. Golf Course Fairways
  2. Tee Boxes
  3. Putting Greens
  4. Sports Fields
  5. Recreational Areas where Shade and Salt are a problem for Bermuda

Agronomic Limitations

  1. Susceptible to Tropical Sod Web Worm Susceptible to Zoysiagrass Mite