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Recent U.S. Census Bureau data shows about 81% of the total U.S. population is living in urban areas. Turfgrass covers an estimated 40% to 50% of the total land surface used for urban development.  The Dallas Center's breeding program works alongside a range of partners across the U.S. to produce new, drought tolerant, resource efficient turfgrass varieties for sustainable urban living across Texas and the nation at large.

Program Strengths

Established in 1980, our mature, reputable turfgrass breeding program maintains a proven track record of developing environmentally friendly and sustainable turfgrasses. Our efforts are trained strongly on our status as a leading provider of stress tolerant, resource-efficient turfgrasses, serving a full scope of industry sectors, namely lawns, sports and golf.

Our breeding program, as such, works toward preserving strong offerings of commercialized intellectual property in new turfgrass varieties. To date, we hold eight plant patents with an additional two patents pending alongside eight currently held PVPs (Plant Variety Protections.)

We are able to continue our breeding efforts by maintaining a comprehensive, proprietary collection of large and genetically diverse germplasm: zoysiagrass, creeping bentgrass, Texas bluegrass. Our ability to manipulate germplasm and breeding populations include:

  • Wide hybridization
  • Quantitative improvement
  • Embryo recuse
  • Tissue culture
  • Genetic transformation

Our turfgrass research and development efforts are supported by long-standing relationships with industry partners. Close academic collaborations with public and private sectors create opportunities for joint ownership of new varieties. These attributes, in conjunction with the unparalleled expertise of the Dallas turfgrass breeding team, allow us to bring true innovation to sustainable urban living.

The turf breeding team at the Texas A&M AgriLife Dallas Center

Turfgrass Resources

Aggie Turf - This is the overarching turfgrass research and extension program of the Texas A&M University System, which houses the Dallas Center's turfgrass breeding program.

Turfgrass Producers of Texas (TPT) - Use this comprehensive database to find any turfgrass variety bred in conjunction with the Dallas Center's breeding program. This TPT list is categorized by growers and the turfgrass varieties they produce.

Turfgrass Information File (TGIF) database - This bibliographic computer database provides access to all published materials reporting on aspects of turfgrass and turfgrass maintenance.

AgriLife Soil Testing - This AgriLife Extension site provides all the information for having your soil tested and receiving a detailed soil profile - a critical component in determining how to amend your soil for optimal plant and turfgrass success.

Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab - This Texas A&M AgriLife Extension site is dedicated to diagnosing plant disease. It includes disease information and resources for submitting samples for testing.

Research Areas

Determining Water Requirements of Diploid and Polyploid St. Augustinegrass

Breeding for Improved Freezing Tolerance in Zoysiagrass

Breeding for Drought Tolerance in Zoysiagrass and St. Augustinegrass

Varieties Bred Here

The turfgrass breeding program at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center of Dallas develops new varieties through an array of public and private partnership collaborations. New turfgrasses undergo comprehensive research in several climatic zones across the United States. Only the very best are registered for industry licensing.  

Click here for turfgrass varieties available for licensing. 

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Contact Dr. Ambika Chandra at for technical information.

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